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"A Holistic Approach to Relieving Shoulder Pain: Embracing the Healing Power of Natural Remedies"

Welcome to the Hijama Bodycare Center, a space where we prioritize healing. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain that’s impacting your activities our natural and holistic methods offer comforting relief without resorting to procedures. Discover the potential of medicine in providing relief and rejuvenation for your shoulder leaving you pain free and revitalized.

Understanding the Causes of Shoulder Pain

"Exploring the Factors Behind It"

Shoulder pain can stem from causes such as muscle tension, inflammation and stress. Our comprehensive approach focuses on gaining insight into these factors to foster lasting relief and overall wellness.

Techniques, for Improving Shoulder Comfort

“Relaxing Massage and Targeted Pressure Points”

Experience the soothing effects of our practitioner’s gentle massage techniques and acupressure, cupping therapy methods which effectively alleviate tension while promoting energy flow. These approaches contribute to a sense of pain relief.

"Holistic Healing Solutions"

Discover the effects of our selected therapeutic treatments that are renowned for their ability to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Our customized exercises are designed specifically to address and relieve shoulder pain at its root cause.

"Exploring the Link, between Mind and Body through the Practice of Yoga"

Uncover the connection that exists between the mind and body by engaging in yoga practices specially designed to alleviate shoulder discomfort. Gentle stretches and intentional movements promote increased flexibility while fostering a sense of tranquillity.

Tailored Consultation and Support

“Embrace Your Unique Journey towards Healing.”

At Hijama Bodycare we are dedicated, to delivering support. Schedule a consultation to delve into your circumstances enabling us to develop a healing plan that prioritizes addressing your individual shoulder discomfort.

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Shoulder treatment for the shoulder includes putting cups on the shoulder area. These cups promote blood flow, decrease muscular tension, and relieve pain through suction. The alternative treatment for the shoulder helps the body repair itself, relieving the discomfort and suffering. Multiple sessions may be needed for the best results. Many other therapies will also give optimal results, like neurotherapy, fire cupping, and acupuncture.

It always depends on the condition of the patient, his or her age, duration, and how long he or she is suffering from the pain.

We charge the price according to the different therapies needed to cure the patient in the minimum number of seasons, and sometimes a combination of therapies to cure as soon as possible.

Yes, you and your family are in safe hands. The holistic healing therapies will give you optimal results for healing your body naturally. Mr. Kuldeep Singh has been doing these therapies since 2015. We follow and maintain all the appropriate national and international protocol standards.

We're worried about you and your family.

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