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IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation) is a treatment that involves the use of specialised devices to break up scar tissue limitations in chronic injuries or surgical scars. It employs stainless steel devices to move soft tissue and accelerate speedier healing in previously untreatable disorders.

IASTM Advantages

IASTM has several advantages that many patients report experiencing practically immediately. Garston technique treatment is often recommended by clinicians for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Improves Range of Motion
  • Encourages faster recovery
  • Treatment time is reduced.

Is IASTM drug-free? Garston technique treatment is primarily used to break up scar tissue, minimising a patient’s need for anti-inflammatory medicine and shortening their total healing time. Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation methods improve recovery from injuries or surgical scars, but they can also help with a variety of other illnesses. It might also be beneficial for those suffering from:

  • Tendonitis
  • Muscular spasms
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Shin Splints

Lateral Epicondylitis of the Carpal Tunnel

Whether you have any of the aforementioned problems or are recovering from an accident, call Hijama Bodycare Centre to schedule a consultation to discover if you are a good candidate for Garston technique treatment. Our experts will listen to your symptoms at the first session to get a better grasp on your issues. You are always welcome to ask questions on IASTM and other topics of interest.

Hijama Bodycare : What to Expect

We will begin with your first consultation when you arrive for your first session. To have a better understanding of your problems, the doctor will listen to your concerns. They will do any required tests, which may include X-rays. The practitioner of alternative medicine will propose a treatment plan after they have a better understanding of your problems. Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation may or may not be included in the recommendations. It all depends on what the alternative medicine practitioner uncovers and what they feel would benefit you the most.

Your appointment may go something like this:


Consult with the therapist one-on-one to properly discuss your list of concerns. Do not leave anything out, even if you believe it is unimportant.
The therapist will attempt to figure out how your body is currently functioning. They may do reflex tests.


They will offer the best treatment choice for you after comparing your stated symptoms against the information acquired during the evaluation. This may be IASTM or something else.
They will use the most appropriate ways to address the problem area. IASTM would be administered if the therapist considered it beneficial to your recuperation.
About IASTM: Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation is a highly effective treatment option, with many patients seeing substantial benefits after only a few sessions. Our therapists that provide IASTM utilise it to treat scar tissue in post-surgical patients as well as a variety of other problems where scar tissue has to be broken up on a superficial level. IASTM would be a great way to treat tightness in the upper traps as well as knee problems like patellar tendinitis, runner’s knee, or jumper’s knee.

Hijama Bodycare offers IASTM certification.

We personalise each patient’s experience at Hijama Bodycare Centre by first listening to their issues and then developing a strategy that works best for their recovery journey. Sometimes IASTM is included in the design, and sometimes it is not.

IASTM is a non-surgical therapy, so if you’re searching for a non-surgical solution to treat tendonitis, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, or another ailment, call Hijama Bodycare Centre and set up a consultation to discover whether IASTM is appropriate for you. You can set up a meeting with us by calling (858) 887-8741 or making an online appointment at a place near you!

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The practitioner “Mr. Kuldeep Singh” uses IASTM tools to apply pressure and rub scar tissue, adhesions, and trigger spots. This helps the blood flow, lowers the pain, and speeds up the healing process.

You will sit down on a soft table during an IASTM treatment, and the therapist will use the IASTM tools on the painful areas. During the process, you might feel some pressure and pain, but it shouldn’t be painful.

The price of IASTM will change based on where you live and who you get it from. You can get IASTM services at a good price at Hijama Bodycare Centre. We charge prices according to the location and problem of the patient.

IASTM is a safe and efficient method when carried out by a qualified therapist. But it’s not an ideal choice for people with certain health problems, like blood disorders or open cuts.

The number of IASTM sessions you need will depend on how serious your situation is. Most of the time, people see effects after 3–6 therapy treatments.

We're worried about you and your family.

Professional employees and their families, young and aspiring professional athletes, gym and sports fanatics, public service workers, and those involved in terrible vehicle or workplace accidents are among the numerous sorts of patients we see. If you are suffering discomfort, our specialists and experts in alternative medicine can help you feel better and get your range of motion back. so, you may resume your everyday activities. If you want to enhance your athletic performance, we can help by strengthening your core and increasing your range of motion. We provide natural wellness treatments for everyone.

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