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This massage technique is highly effective and involves applying oil to the skin while gently moving a suction cup over the area being treated. By creating a vacuum, the cup can be smoothly glided across the region of the body.

During cupping massage, the area being treated is generously coated with oil. This helps maintain a suction connection.

Cupping massage can be applied to parts of the body using techniques. For areas like the stomach, thighs, and hips, it’s important to use suction. Circular motions work well for the hips, thighs, and shoulders.

Smooth strokes along the target key pressure points associated with major organs in our body.

Glide cupping is a form of cupping also known as “moving cupping.” Before creating suction, the cup of oil is applied to the skin. In place, gentle movements are made over the skin for an invigorating massage experience.

This method is frequently utilized for weight loss and reducing cellulite.

Cupping massage offers advantages as it replicates deep tissue massages with powerful rolling motions without causing discomfort.

Massage cupping is known to enhance the absorption of oils and liniments by the skin when used together. It has been found effective in providing relief for pain as well as addressing issues like anxiety, sleeplessness, post-injury stress, chronic pain, post-surgery adhesions, cellulite, and a sluggish colon.

The purpose of this therapy is to utilize the sliding or moving motion of the cup to apply suction to an area of the body. This particular method can be quite uncomfortable compared to other forms of cupping.


Moving cupping involves applying cupping treatment across an area of the body. The cups can be moved while still attached using cream as a lubricant. This technique allows for coverage during cupping or enables the placement of the cups. When moving a cup, it is recommended to hold it from its base or bowl and gently maintain tension on the skin behind it with your pulling hand. The bladder channel on the skin is commonly targeted for acne, skin lesions, and inflammation. By regulating energy and directing heat towards the skin’s surface, this method also aids in conditions such as paralysis, post-stroke weakness, and painfully swollen joints

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We offer different types of cupping at Hijama Bodycare Centre so that we can meet the needs of all of our clients. We mostly use dry cupping (which doesn’t use oil), fire cupping (which uses heat to make suction), and wet cupping (which uses oil on the skin to make it easier to smooth). We also have therapists who are skilled in fixed, moving, and flashing cupping, so each patient can get a customised treatment plan.

Our prices for cupping massages are reasonable and simple to understand. Prices range from [500] to [2500], depending on how long the lesson lasts and the method used. We also have deals where you can save money on multiple lessons.

Yes, our trained staff makes sure that all of our clients are safe during their cupping treatments. Every time we meet, your health and happiness come first.

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